Beech Tree Planting 22 March 2014


The beech tree saplings have finally been planted! We almost 'talked' them up with all our enthusiasm, although the valiant crew who arrived to help all bear the aches and pains of digging proving there was some physical action involved. 

So for Dave Crawford, with Lydia Crawford in supporting role, Simon Barratt,John Scott, Jan Flynn, Calum Ogilvie, and Sue Barratt providing transport the task was finally done today and Bulkington can be proud to boast its new Beech trees to herald the 'outer village limits' and give credence to the origin of the early village name in the word for Beech.

The trees were donated by "Bulkington in Bloom", a group of residents who want to make a difference to our village through gardening and planting projects.


 The ground was so hard we had to hammer this one in!

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