Bulkington War Memorial

This great stone edifice stands proudly in the centre of the village. The base of the Cross, prior to having a War Memorial placed on it, is rumoured to be a medieval market stand where produce and sheep were sold, and where seasonal labour for the local farms would have been 'hired'.


The seven names recorded on the Memorial plaque are those of villagers who lost their lives in The Great War 1914 -1918. More information about these poor souls can be found on the following link; The Roll of Honour  Copyright © of The Roll-of-Honour.com

One could almost tell the story of the Great War through the experiences of these seven men. The first (Pte Pickett) was a Wiltshire Regiment reservist who deployed with the original BEF and died near Le Cateau on the Retreat from Mons. The second (Lt Gaisford) died with the Indian Corps at Festubert in 1914 in the first months of proper trench warfare. The third (Sjt Hicks) was killed at Gallipoli. The fourth (Lt Col Gaisford) literally disappeared when he took a direct hit from an artillery shell after his battalion had successfully captured (but ultimately did not hold) the Hohenzollern Redoubt at Loos - the first blooding of the New Armies. The fifth (Stoker Harrell) died of complications from an illness on board a guardship (HMS Glory) at the Russian port of Archangel. The sixth (Pte Wareham) was the victim of retaliatory shellfire whilst serving in the trenches around Ypres. And the seventh (Capt Gaisford) was shot down over enemy lines whilst flying a reconnaisance mission in Italy.

The Remembrance Service.  Sunday November 9th 2014



The boys and girls of Melksham Beaver Scouts gave a reading and laid a wreath at the War Memorial at the
Remembrance Service 
on Sunday 9th November 2014   

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