Covid 19 support information

Cover Letter To Villagers: 

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) the recent government advice is that older and vulnerable people and those who have caught the virus or are experiencing flu/cold like symptoms should self-isolate where possible. 

A Covid-19 Community Pack produced by Wiltshire Council is available on our website.  If you are unable to access this, please contact one of the co-ordinators listed below who will provide you with a printed copy. The pack provides official information on the virus. 

The Parish Council is working with members of the community to establish how we can provide support to people living in Bulkington.Please contact one of the listed coordinators below if: 

-you need any help or support; please do reach out. We are a lovely community here in Bulkington and this is an opportunity to pull together and support one another.·  

you would be prepared to assist others who need help with shopping, picking up medical supplies and other essential support during the period of isolation.   Even if you do not require support or are not in a position to assist, please retain the volunteer contact details in case your circumstances change. 

The Church is also actively supporting those in our community by setting up telephone support led by The Revd. Maureen Allchin & supported by the church family of Christ Church, Bulkington. The Church and churchyard, although not open for services due to the pandemic, are open during the day and are wonderful places to just sit and think. Maureen can be contacted on Tel:828931 Email:   BULKINGTON PARISH COUNCIL AND COMMUNITY SUPPORT 

As you know, the UK could be significantly affected by COVID-19.   We have come together to co-ordinate and provide a package of support to villagers who may need some help at this difficult time.The most up-to-date advice for anyone who has recently travelled abroad or who is experiencing a cough, or a fever, or a shortness of breath can be found at

There is a possibility that over the coming weeks some of us will be advised to self-isolate as a precautionary measure. Ian Pendlebery has agreed to coordinate members of Bulkington who are prepared to support people who have been identified by the NHS as having COVID-19, or those who have been told to isolate themselves by staying indoors, and who may need help.If you have been diagnosed or told to isolate by the NHS and you need help with, for example, essential shopping or collecting medicines, contact one of the individuals listed below. Please be assured you are not alone; a member of our local community coronavirus group will then contact you to try to provide support. This is not an alternative to the NHS or social services; it will simply be Bulkington residents looking after each other. Public Health England has advised people who are self-isolating to do what they can to avoid visitors to their home and any deliveries of groceries, medications or other shopping to be left at the door. We will ensure that this advice is followed when providing support. 

If you would be prepared to help a householder in this way, please let us know so that we can increase the number of volunteers. 


Ian Pendlebery  Tel: 828859   m. 07903163013     

Calum Ogilvie Tel: 828202  m. 07484324792

Sally Oliphant  Tel: m.07912301661

Paul Bennett   Tel: 828374    m. 07802675156 

Thank you for all your support.Covid-19-community-pack-online-version-final.pdf

COVID -19 Report received from Wiltshire Council: 10 April 2020The Wiltshire Wellbeing HubThis is the council’s ‘virtual’ hub, contactable via email and phone seven days a week which is working to support vulnerable people across the county, including those on the central government ‘shielded’ list, NHS lists and individuals who have self-referred. Our team has to date contacted 5000 residents, and received 600 calls and around 300 emails to our designated hotline/email address.You can request this help by calling our helpline on: 0300 003 4576 or email at's available from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday.
Over 450 emergency food parcels (providing three-day provisions) have been issued over the past few weeks to vulnerable people who do not have access to community support. Future issue of food parcels will be charged to those who are able to pay. Whilst those requiring financial support will be directed to the Local Assistance Fund.Business Support
The council is providing seven days a week support for local businesses affected by the coronavirus outbreak.· The team are verifying and processing grant applications at speed. To date, 5,100 applications have been received and we’ve transferred £25 million to over 2,000 local businesses. The next tranche of grant payments will be made on Tuesday 17 April due to the closure of the BACS payment system over the Easter bank holiday.· Our team will be working to assess applications across the bank holiday weekend and staff will be responding to queries from businesses across the weekend as wellCommunities
The council is sharing advice and guidance with community groups/volunteers and aligning closely with Wellbeing Hub activities to deliver services and provide resilience. 
Many services have adapted their services to move ‘online’ (including Libraries and leisure) providing innovative ways to keep people safe, engaged and healthy.Waste and recycling update
Our waste and recycling crews will be collecting as normal on Good Friday and Easter Monday, so residents should leave their bins out as usual if these are their usual collection days.The teams will also be catching up on some missed recycling collections on Saturday, so we are asking those it affects to leave their containers out for collection. 
We know that the closure of household recycling centres has made it difficult to dispose of large items. Our teams have found lots electrical items (including rechargeable battery tools) and scrap (such as car brake discs) and gas canisters in the recycling collected from the blue-lidded recycling bins. These could cause damage or fires at the recycling facility and put our teams in danger.We are asking members of the public to store any large items safely until the household recycling centres open once again and only put acceptable items into their blue lidded bins. Request to Wiltshire communities
With warm sunny weather forecast over the Easter bank holiday weekend and people heading into the third weekend of the Government’s restrictions we are urging our communities to stay at home and avoid non-essential journeys.The Wiltshire and Swindon Local Resilience Forum (LRF) have launched a “Wiltshire’s beauty spots aren’t going anywhere” campaign in recognition of the fact that many people’s normal Easter plans would include getting out into the countryside and visiting some of Wiltshire’s beautiful landmarks and beauty spots. We’re asking people to fight the temptation to pop out for a picnic, or arrange to meet a friend for a long walk and stay at home to support our NHS and help keep themselves and their families safe. Please share this message as widely as possible.Bonfires
With the current nice weather, we know that members of the community will be getting out in the garden and will be tempted to have a bonfire. Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service are asking people consider the need whether they need to start bonfires at all during this period as any the smoke can cause distress to neighbours, especially when they can’t see the cause, and it’s all too easy for such fires to get out of control.Related call-outs pull the Fire Service away from vital work to support our communities and means firefighters are potentially exposing themselves to coronavirus. If members of the public decide to have a fire they are advised to site them well away from buildings, fences, trees and garden structures, stay in attendance at all times with a garden hose to hand in case the fire starts to accelerate, and to be considerate to those nearby. 

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