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Last Update 4 June 2014

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Advice currently published by Wiltshire Online service concerning future deployment of faster broadband to the Bulkington postcode area is as follows:

"This is an extremely large and complex infrastructure project which has to be undertaken in stages;
The first stage is to plan the deployment taking into account many factors, including geography, planning requirements and the location of the existing telecoms infrastructure; these factors dictate the order of the roll out. This approach will ensure the best value for money, but it does mean that we cannot deviate from how the network will be rolled out across the area, as doing so would result in a time-consuming and costly project and would ultimately reduce the number of premises we are able to deliver superfast broadband to.
Although your postcode (SN101SJ) is within the intervention area for the Wiltshire Online programme, at this stage we cannot absolutely guarantee when we can get to your particular community.
When will my postcode move from Future Deployment to the Surveying Now stage?
The deployment for 2014 has now been planned and your postcode is in the second half of our rollout (2015/16).  Every three months, the next set of communities due to be surveyed will be released; at this point we will move the affected postcodes from this stage into the survey stage.
We recommend that you regularly check our postcode checker to keep abreast with progress of our rollout."

For those who want to know more about broadband, the following web sites may be useful:

- for broadband speeds available in your area you can visit the website at Think Broadband - the independent broadband news and information site helping you to get the most out of your broadband. They pioneered broadband speed testing and provide a range of tools to help you diagnose, troubleshoot and fix any broadband problems. Have a look at their latest broadband maps tool or visit the broadband notspot & slow-spot site.

- provides impartial, expert advice in matters of broadband, TV and phone.

Wiltshire and Gloucestershire £35.6m broadband deal signed

In January 2013 a multi-million-pound deal to roll out superfast broadband to 104,000 homes and businesses in South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire was finalised.

Both councils have signed a £35.6m deal with service provider BT.

It means up to 94% of homes should have access to speeds of up to 80Mbps by the end of March 2016.

Swindon Borough Council pulled out of the deal saying it did not suit its needs, and instead pressed on with plans for a 4G network.

Superfast broadband is considered to be speeds in excess of 24Mbps.

Councillor John Thomson, of Wiltshire Council, said: "This announcement will see Wiltshire becoming one of the most fibre-enabled counties in the country, after struggling with slower broadband speeds in the past. This project will really put the county on the map, attracting more businesses, helping existing ones grow and enabling rural properties become less isolated."

'Business benefits'

It is hoped the scheme will deliver superfast broadband to 91% of premises in Wiltshire, excluding Swindon, and 94% of premises in South Gloucestershire

Councillor John Goddard, of South Gloucestershire Council, said it would ensure the district remains a "great place to live and do business".

"Benefits to firms will include faster file storage, computer back-up and processing for example," he said

"The new technology will transform the way our residents use the internet at home."

Wiltshire Council is contributing £15.5m to the project, with South Gloucestershire Council investing £2m.

The national Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), which is responsible for managing the government's broadband funding, will provide £4.6m for the scheme

BT will put £12.8m into the project, and £0.74m will come from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

BDUK aims to provide superfast broadband to at least 90% of premises in the UK.

Previous local interest in a Broadband Campaign;

In November 2010 all three Parishes of Bulkington, Seend and Poulshot ran a joint campaign to raise awareness and encourage residents to vote on the BT website  to express their support for the campaign. By 31 December 2010 a total of 230 subscribers had voted out of some 827 possible, or just less than 28%. This total was well short of BT's stated minimum level of interest to enable us to qualify for BT support in fast-tracking faster broadband to this locality.
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