Updated November 2018

Omniart is a small group of artists who meet Fridays to make art, and exchange ideas, at Bulkington Village Hall.  As there is no tutor, the group is not suitable for beginners but we encourage members to develop their own individual style through mutual support, honest feedback, and some friendly banter.

We hold regular exhibitions at various venues. Sessions are from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. Subscriptions £35 per quarter. We currently have vacancies for suitable artists.  

For further information contact: Roger Marsh  Tel: 01380 828000  or Email Roger

Exhibition at BulkingtonVillage Hall

Omniart is holding an exhibition at the Village Hall from Saturday 3rd May to Sunday 11th May 2014, 11am to 6.30 pm, as part of the Cloth Road Arts Week. clothroadartists

The Cloth Road is a group of artists, formed in 2004 with the purpose of promoting visual arts and artists in Bradford on Avon, Trowbridge, Melksham and the surrounding villages of West Wiltshire.

As part of this promotion of visual arts we organise a series of open studios and galleries for a nine day period every other year. This provides the public with an opportunity to meet artists, see their work and discover the wide range of visual arts produced in this area, such as realism, surrealism and abstract. Works will be for sale.


  A selection of art by Omniart artists who recently exhibited in Melksham's Art House Cafe.










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