Bulkington in Bloom

Big succes at playing field tree planting:

Following the award of a free Woodland Trust tree pack, Sunday 8th March saw a small number of dedicated villagers turn out for the big job of planting in the playing field. A big thank you to those who braved the morning to help despite the expectation of showers. We planted 105 saplings designed to provide year-round colour and made up of dogwood, hazel, hawthorn, silver birch, rowan and wild cherry, which replaced the willow structure which had become unmanageable with the resources at our disposal.

Background to Bulkington in Bloom

In May 2011 residents Jan Flynn and Chris Parkyn formed the village interest group called "Bulkington in Bloom" and began to add more colour to our village high street with half-barrel flower planters and tubs, filled with colourful blooms, placed at the entrances to the village and at the War Memorial.

Their enthusiasm for bringing a bloom to our village has been refreshing and infectious, and much positive feedback has encouraged Jan and Chris to develop new ideas for village colour and a revival of pride in where we live.

Support for the project has been readily provided by villagers, most notably Joe Downey, Brooke Flynn, Pat Bell and Graham Willis who have generously given their time to feed and water plants and regularly help to maintain and tidy the displays. The Parish Council have generously assisted with some early funding to purchase barrels, planters and flowers.

The small initial budget, raised with donations from villagers and sponsorship from local businesses, was increased in the spring of 2013 by a joint 'Open Gardens' enterprise between Christ Church, Bulkington, and 'Bulkington in Bloom'. Hence funds have enabled planting to continue. The two large tubs at either end of the village have been planted up with winter flora, as have the two smaller pots near the bus shelter.

Planting around the bus shelter area is planned. Two beech trees were purchased for the village by Jan Flynn on behalf of 'Bulkington in Bloom' and planted at either end of the village in March 2014. We are fortunate to have such an enthusiastic group of supporters  to help steer the campaign forward but please do email us if you would like to be involved. email simonbarratt59@btinternet.com 

You too can demonstrate your support by making a small donation to the Bulkington in Bloom cause via Treasurer Simon Barratt at No 9 The Close and by contributing directly with your own ‘blooming bright ideas’ to add colour to our village (all ideas gratefully received and considered).
 Some of the proposals under discussion are:


  • planting at the War Memorial with new flower beds to improve the visual impact – your ideas welcome!
  • another two half barrels at the entrances to The Close & Northfields
  • hanging baskets at key points throughout the village
  • promote floral displays in village gardens through gardening advice for villagers interested in developing their own colourful displays via village workshops
  • provide professional advice freely given on all aspects of gardening especially hanging basket displays
  • consider opportunities for tree planting in verges on approaches to village
  • annual fund raising events to support planting
  • entering Bulkington in the prestigious RHS ‘Small Village in Bloom’ competition
  • litter-picking working parties – thanks already to one or two who have been out and picked already!
  • nature conservation through community involvement in local sustainable projects
  • making ‘Open Village Garden’ day an annual event
  • encouraging youngsters to get planting through events, competitions etc .......and, for a small donation to the cause, Jan and Chris have also undertaken to water plants and pots for those who are going on holiday so you need worry no longer about faded blooms or wasted veg patches while enjoying yourself in foreign parts. Just let them know before you go and it will be done! Having one of these lovely ladies check over your garden every day while you are away is also a good way to keep a watchful eye on your property for security and peace of mind.

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