Emergency Plan for Bulkington Community

- to manage the mobilisation of emergency responders to a range of possible emergencies relevant to Bulkington.

The Parish Council’s Emergency Planning Team are responsible for mobilising local responders and assisting primary response agencies such as Fire, Police, Ambulance etc. in the event of an emergency in the community. 

To manage this the Emergency Planning Team have prepared a comprehensive Emergency Plan for the community which is published here and is available to read and to download. The Plan will be automatically put into operation by the Emergency Planning Team at the start of an emergency situation and households will be contacted as the need arises. 

Sign up to emergency alerts by email for flooding, neighbourhood watch and much more -

- to receive emergency updates and other important communications by email from this website; be the first to get the latest information on village events, be notified of current warnings of flooding and other serious risks to our community, and receive up to date information from Neighbourhood Watch on Police matters affecting our village.

To sign up to this service please send an email using this link; bulkington.org.uk@btinternet.com with the words SIGN UP in the Subject line. We will ensure your information is confidential and only used for the purposes described above. 

Bulkington Community Advice


Bulkington Emergency Zone Maps - All Zones

Zone A

Zone B

Zone C

Zone D

Responsibilities of Responder Agencies.pdf

Wiltshire and Swindon Local Resilience Forum (LRF) Advice

Local Resilience Forum Procedures.pdf

Extreme Weather Protocol.pdf

Wiltshire Council Advice

Householders Guide To Emergency Planning.pdf

Environment Agency - links to general advice to the community:



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