Old Photographs of Bulkington

This collection was compiled from prints that hung in Bulkington Village Hall. As they were starting to deteriorate the Village Hall Committee decided that they should be removed from their frames and preserved by being scanned to computer.The numbered labels were missing from the frames so the present collection has been reassembled by deduction and guess work.The original numbering system has been retained. The descriptive text has been added from the typed sheets which accompany the framed prints. 

The collection was made by Mr Keith Gray who scanned, restored and printed copies of original photographs.

Thanks are due to villagers who allowed their original prints to be copied and provided additional information:

Mrs Champion; Mr Ron Elliott; Mrs Rosie Forsey; Mrs Margaret Foster; Mr Anthony Jones; Mr Brian Jones; Mr Jack Pickett; Mrs Raby-Cox; Mrs Jill Topp; Mr Tom Woodward; and the late Mr Bill Breach.


              Ethel Northcote Wedding

                      Northcote Family
                             Northcote Family 
                     Melvin Difford (left) and Barry Forsey (right)

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