The William Breach Playing Field

Bulkington's William Breach Centenary Playing Field Maintenance Days

Alas, the Playing Field has not had its customary attention in 2016 as responsibility for the upkeep has reverted to the Parish Council as "guardians of the community facility". This followed on from the inability of the erstwhile organising committee to maintain sufficient interest from the village to manage the field adequately. Sad but true folks!

The management of the grass cutting is, as always has been, the responsibility of the Parish Council who let a contract annually to a local agricultural contractor. Play equipment is as ever subject to an annual safety inspection by Rospa and any repairs are carried out in response to that inspection report. The Parish Council would be grateful to receive concerns from interested villagers if safety issues are noticed throughout the year.

If anyone in the village is keen to become active in the management of the Playing Field they should contact the Parish Council. 

Next Event:

Playing Field Maintenance Schedule: as ever, volunteers are needed, for the following tasks;

Weeding Path
Repairing vehicle damage to path
Weeding Garden
Fire pit - encircle with safety tape
Willow strimming
Repair netting in Pergola
Rose retying and honeysuckle
Repair picnic table
replacement of sand in sandpit
Toy assessment and removal
Assessment of painting requirements
Assessment of pillars area replace fountain
Cleaning and assessment of phone box and replacement of back board for notices
Assessment of Dog Poo situation
Removal and replacement of Willow Bark
Toy replacement

The William Breach Centenary Playing Field was donated to the Parish by William Breach on 10 February 1996 for the enjoyment of the whole village.

  The objectives of the Playing Field Committee in managing the Field are:
  • to provide a safe environment where people of all ages can meet and play
  • to maintain the field, any equipment and infrastructure so that it is fit for purpose
  • to improve the field, in keeping with the village, ensuring villagers have the opportunity to consult where appropriate
The Playing Field Committee meets regularly (for dates see Calender) and currently has the following members:

Sallie-Anne Bown 735366


Sally Oliphant      828486

Dave Crawford


New members and friends of the Playing Field are always encouraged, and if you would like to just come along to one of our meetings you will be made most welcome.

There are no formal booking arrangements for the field and villagers are welcome to make use of the the facilities for birthday parties or family do’s etc. The Field is ideal for mums/dads/grandparents etc to meet with their children where they can socialise and play in a large open green space. Older children who like to play basketball, football and cricket, may find the Field better suited than their own back gardens!

Bulkington Parish Council cover costs for annual insurance, maintenance (e.g. grass cutting) and an annual Rospa Safety Report.

The playing field committee, when active, buys additional play equipment, picnic benches etc using fund raising activities and donations at annual events such as the Fireworks Night and Sports Day. These events have always been well supported and any profit generated is reinvested in equipment. The playhouse and sand pit were added in the summer of 2008 and the willow domes and tunnels added in 2009 have proved very popular.

In 2011 the village applied successfully for a Lottery Grant & we are pleased to have added a zip wire, cantilever swing, mound and tunnel, sensory garden with speaking tube & a climbing tower to the field which looks superb! Come and play....

....and,  2012, 2013 and 2014 saw many villagers helping out on Maintenance Days.

Playing Field Committee Meetings

Follow this link for the Minutes of this meeting.The key events can be found on the Playing Field Calendar


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